High-score functionality added!

High score functionality has been added. I am unsure if this will work with the HTML5 version, but highly doubt it.

Currently, TIC-80 stores the save data based on a checksum of the cartridge. In layman's terms, the save game is stored in a file which is named by the game's "signature." As each version of the game has it's own signature, the save won't carry over.

This shouldn't be a big problem, but if anyone really, really wants the save game carried over I can create a shell script for Linux that will sync the data between versions (through the use of symlinks).


Breakout-linux-x86_64 1 MB
Version 0.0.3 Jun 26, 2017
breakout-tic80-html5.zip 685 kB
Version 0.0.3 Jun 26, 2017

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