Finished basic game engine

Not only have I added the promised game over and levels 2-5, I've also added a couple more features and bug fixes:

  • Score is kept! Shows up on the bottom-left
  • Menu screen!
  • Bug fix: improved collision detection means the ball still bounces when it hits two bricks!
  • Hitting the left of the paddle causes the ball to go left, hitting the right of the paddle causes the ball to go right!
  • Press B ("X" on the keyboard) before launching the ball to alternate which side it launches from!
  • Internal feature: levels no longer need to specify how many bricks there are.
  • Internal feature: levels now set a custom size and starting point for bricks
    • The above two features made level four possible: level four is TIC spelled out with each brick worth four points. 20 bricks=80 points ;)

Basically, it's actually a game now!

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Version 0.0.2 Jun 21, 2017 685 kB
Version 0.0.2 Jun 21, 2017

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