Bouncing working two days earlier than expected!

I expected to take a day or two to get the ball to bounce properly with no bugs whatsoever.

That may still be true, but for the most part it works properly! Thanks to @Hepha Chronos on Discord for an idea that led to this being finished so quickly.

There is still one minor bug: if the ball hits two bricks from the same side at the same time, it will not bounce. Rather, it will - twice.


Should be able to fix it pretty quickly though, and from there, I have three tasks to complete before I will upload the next version, all of which should be done within the week:

  • Adding in Game Over functionality
  • Detecting when the level is complete and advancing to the next one
  • Adding in levels two through five
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    Version 0.0.1b Jun 20, 2017 685 kB
    Version 0.0.1b Jun 20, 2017

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