A downloadable game for Linux

A 3D card deck created for the 7D3D jam.

There are still some bugs, and I plan to expand this after the jam.

Known Bugs / Things that need to be worked on:

  • If the window is resized, the mouse doesn't work
  • Cards start randomized, and can be shuffled with R. This is a good thing! The problem is that when they are shuffled, the are moved backwards slightly so that there's a bit of space in between cards. Wait, that's not a problem either! The problem is that when you move the cards, it's difficult to tell which one's in front which can be annoying.


  • Left-click on a card and drag it to move it (NOTE: moves the top-left of the card to be in position with the mouse. Clicking near the top-left can make things easier).
  • Right-click on a card to flip it.
  • Use the arrow keys to move the camera
  • Shift+UP zooms in, Shift+DOWN zooms out
  • CTRL+arrow keys rotates the camera
  • Left-clicking a card and dragging it up/down while holding Shift moves the cards closer or further away.

More information

Published 73 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, 7d3d, Card Game, Colorful
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Note: while I did my best to ensure that the executable doesn't have any dependencies that don't come installed on a Linux desktop, but I might have missed one or two. If you have any trouble running it please let me know.


3d-card-deck-linux64.zip (2 MB)
Version 1 73 days ago